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Batman (2021) - Pattinson contract, filming in London and other news

Twilight star Robert Pattinson officially signed with Warner Brothers to shoot Batman directed by Matt Reeves. Let's talk about the latest news and rumors of the casting, the start of production and the plot of "Batman" (2021). The fashion for Pattinson returns to Pattinson again by ear. He starred in Christopher Nolan’s big spy blockbuster ("Tennet") and was officially appointed the dark knight.

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11 films about possible doomsday options

Films about the upcoming cataclysms and the apocalypse have long and firmly entered our lives. This is a genre that implies wonderful special effects, entertainment and a tense plot. We made top movies about the end of the world. Only really worthy films with excellent cast and unexpected twists and turns of the plot were included in the list of best films.

The box office success of The Lion King - Latest News

The box office in the world of film adaptation of the Disney cartoon "The Lion King" (2019) exceeded the one billion dollar mark! This is not surprising, because viewers warmly recall the original 1994 Disney animated film that captured the hearts of people around the world. Therefore, with the hope of recalling their childhood, fans with great zeal began to attend film adaptation sessions in cinemas.

Fiction in the cinema - a selection of the best films

Sometimes a monotonous world drives you into boredom and you want to turn on your imagination and dream a little at least for a few minutes. Everyone is interested in knowing what the planet will look like in the distant future, which cars will appear, or maybe contact with aliens will be established? In our large selection you will find the best science fiction films that you can already watch online for free and in high quality.

How they came up with "Handsome with experience"

But what if an experienced macho with a compromising past over the years has already lost his charm and grip, but giving up prosperity and a luxurious life is not part of his plans? The story of the aged “dream man” will be told by the new film “Handsome with Experience” (2019), comments on the filming, interesting facts and idea in an interview with director Olivier Barra and actor Cad Merad will help to better understand the message and style of the comedy.

The death of the Dyatlov group - latest news: a new film and an investigation LET SPEAK

It seems that this year, conspiracy theorists and ordinary people are destined to finally find out the true causes of the death of young students on the “same” Dyatlov Pass. The latest news in 2019 about the tragic death of the Dyatlov group was a new investigation of the Let They Talk program on Channel One (release of 02/11/19), as well as the shooting of the film by Sergey Darovsky, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the death of a group of researchers, which should be released on the screens during the year .

5 good Russian TV shows for which it is not a shame

The domestic film industry is scanty for masterpieces and interesting subjects, preferring cheap consumer goods written on its knee to good scripts. However, even in the midst of this slag, some pretty good jobs come across that will come to your parents, if not for you. We have chosen five Russian TV shows that are worthy of spending several days of our lives on them.

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Cipher - will there be a season 2

For them, investigation is a complex analytic task with many variables that they must solve. The second season of the series "Cipher" (2019) with famous actors will tell about the girls who unravel the most difficult cases, the release date and trailer of which will still have to wait, since officially it is not known about the continuation of the project.

3 alternative series for fans of the Game of Thrones

The charming Middle Ages, the lack of modern technology and the plot with elements of mysticism are the main ingredient in many TV shows. And the Game of Thrones, based on a series of books by George Martin, is far from being the most popular on this list. “Vikings” Date of filming: 2013-2017 4 seasons (the premiere of the fifth is due in 2017).

Review of the film "Girl"

The teenage period is the most difficult in everyone’s life. And if you add to this the ambition to become a ballet dancer, the start of hormone therapy and the expectation of a sex change operation? About this in the directorial work of Lucas Dont, the film “Girl” (2018), which was released in 2019 and collected a lot of reviews, both shocked and dissatisfied, the reviews of critics are also ambiguous (the release date in Russia is February 7, 2019).

Just one life - a new film about the heroic feat of a tank crew in 1941

The modern world is filled with military-themed computer games played by millions of teenagers. But not all players understand what a real war is, and what price their great-grandfathers paid to live in peace today. This is what the upcoming film with the release date in 2020, “Just One Life”, will tell about, the entire cast is still unknown, and the trailer will tell about the key points of the old script, as it was revised.

Ewan McGregor will play a major role in the continuation of "Shine"

Ewan McGregor will play a major role in the film adaptation of Stephen King's novel "Doctor's Dream," the sequel to The Shining. Sources claim that the writer himself personally approved the Jedi. Mike Flanegan, director of Gerald's Game, will be the director. He also co-produced the project with Trevor Macy and John Berg.

8 dark series about the future that will make you afraid of tomorrow

Most often, the future is seen by mankind as beautiful and joyful: we will cure all diseases, learn how to prevent disasters and cancel all wars. But there are those who do not share universal optimism and adhere to an alternative version of the development of events. We present to your attention a selection of TV shows about the world in which something went wrong.

Van Gogh. On the threshold of eternity - madness and beauty

AT ETERNITY 's GATE 16+ Country: USA, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland Genre: Drama, Biographical Director: Julian Schnabel Premiere Date: September 3, 2018 - World, February 7, 2019 - Russian Roles performed by: Willem Dafoe - as Vincent Van Gogh (Mississippi on Fire, Aquaman, Hotel Grand Budapest, White Sands), Mathieu Ammalric - Dr. Paul Gachet (Unsinkable, Tomorrow and Every Day), Rupert Friend - Theo Van Gogh ("Libertine", "Death of Stalin", "Separation", "Simple Request"), Anne Cosigny - teacher ("The Cherry Orchard",), Oscar Isaac - Paul Gauguin ("Robi Mr. Goode ”,“ The Bourne Evolution ”,“ From the Car ”,“ Annihilation ”), Emmanuelle Seigner - Madame Jinoux (“ The Bitter Moon ”,“ Life in a Pink Light ”,“ The Big Alibi ”), Mads Mikkelsen - Priest (“ Doctor Strange ”,“ Dangerous Illusion ”,“ Royal Novel ”), Vladimir Kosigny - Dr. Felix Ray (“ Tomorrow ”,“ Wild Herbs ”), Stella Schnabel - Gabi (“ Frank and Lola ”,“ You Won't Miss Me ” ), Niels Arestrup - Madman (“Prophet”, “Cote d'Azur”), Amira Casar - Johanna Van Gogh (“Call me by your name”, “Sylvia”) and others. KinoPoisk - 7.

Warcraft 2 (Warcraft 2) - what is known about the film

The adaptation of video games has become one of the most popular trends in the world of today's cinema - filmmakers shoot more and more of these tapes, and one part does not do it. In 2016, Duncan Jones showed the world his movie based on the game "Warcraft", which appealed to the audience, which is why the director decided to create a sequel - the film "Warcraft 2" / "Warcraft 2", about the release date in Russia, the actors and the release of the trailer in Russian which is not yet known, since filming has not yet begun.

Aesthetics of the 90s. The film Crystal (2018) with the wife of the rapper Husky in the title role

“Crystal” is the first feature film directed by Daria Zhuk. This is a film that it is never too late to dream and fulfill wishes. The main thing is to believe in yourself and never give up. The creator of the picture said that she did not count on such a great success of the project: "I wanted to tell something about my generation, who massively went to other countries in the early 90's.

When the "Cobra Throw 3" comes out

The film "G.I. Joe: Cobra Throw 3" will be released in 2020, the release date in Russia is set for October, the trailer is missing. The full cast is unknown, information about the plot of the sequel and photos from the set should appear soon. The previous parts delighted the audience with their stellar cast and breathtaking special effects, the audience hopes that the sequel will not be inferior in terms of entertainment and plot.